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Pillars Sphere International School

The pillars describe the mission of each Sphere school

The pillars describe the mission of each Sphere school, the shared values, the type of the student we aim to develop, and the national and international foundation that supports the work of the school.

They offer structure for the academic objectives and diverse projects, initiatives and practices that support the development of the students in light of each of the established academic targets.

The essential premise to be assimilated by any Sphere schools and professionals is that this is an institutional project and as such requires the teams from all schools work in sync, in order for the institution to provide continuity in the school project with the franchise’s support and structure in a consistent practice.

With the premise of a contemporary education venture, projects, initiatives, and practices may be expanded, modified or substituted with time, based on the shared experiences e of the desired objectives. After all, this a well-structured, substantiated and organized project, while being modern, dynamic, flexible, alive and vibrant.

Mission of Sphere International Schools

Each Sphere school maintains the mission of at developing critical and knowledgeable citizens. As individuals who are good communicators and work collaboratively, they are open-minded and able to interact in local and global contexts.  With this objective, Sphere offers high quality bilingual education, with academic rigor, which is focused on the development of intercultural understanding and fosters the continuous development of the learner’s ability to create solutions for different daily situations and in the benefit of the individual and the larger community.

Sphere Schools share essential values:

  • Learn to learn: Life-long learning towards intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.
  • Humanity: ethics, respect and honesty in relationships.
  • Collectivity: collaboration, solidarity and team work.

The Pedagogical Project developed in each unit is based in solid Brazilian and international references:

SPHERE‘s pedagogical project, Brazilian National Common Curricular Base (BNCC), International Baccalaureate (IB), and UNESCO.

SPHERE Units work with clear objectives and academic targets.

Every Sphere school works to make each of its students develop competences for:

  • Taking responsibility for oneself and one’s own learning process, being able to make choices, act and reflect on own actions.
  • Establish relationships with others and one’s surroundings in a respectful and cooperative way.
  • Develop logical thinking skills and solve mathematical problems using own and conventional strategies.
  • Critically read and interpret different text genres. Produce clear and coherent texts that are appropriate to different contexts.
  • Orally express oneself clearly and confidently, making use of multiple languages.
  • Develop attitudes and strategies for scientific inquiry into the different areas of knowledge.