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Bárbara Dias

Inaugiramos a seção de ex-alunos Sphere com uma entrevista muito especial. Convidamos a Bárbara Dias, 24 anos, formanda da primeira turma de Year 9 da Sphere International School, a responder algumas perguntas sobre suas escolhas acadêmicas e profissionais e como sua formação em uma escola internacional a ajudaram em sua trajetória.

Hi everyone, I'm Bárbara! I'm a journalism and international relations graduate and here's a little bit about my journey: At 16, I moved to the US for an exchange program and it was such an amazing experience. I decided to extend my program and study at an American university. Since then, I have worked with companies such as ESPN, ABC channel and the Rotary Club, and am now pursuing my dream of working for International NGOs!


What inspired you to study Journalism and International Relations?

All of my mentors at Sphere know that communicating with others is a passion of mine. I have always been an expressive person, full of curiosity and guts to share my thoughts. Becoming a journalist was the way I found to share that voice and learn how to use it! 

How did an international and bilingual education help shape your career interests?

In so many ways! Sphere introduced me to opportunities abroad and helped me shape my pathway to pursuing an education in the US, Czech Republic and now, Germany. Being exposed to different cultures and having the English language as part of my daily routine made the transition of moving countries and being taught in different languages much easier.

What key skills did you develop during your years at Sphere International School?

Adapting to a new environment is a skill that I’ve learned during my time at Sphere, from being in contact with different languages, cultures and projects, and that skill has helped me throughout my journey. Being able to think outside the box, and having the confidence to project and execute my ideas was also something Sphere encouraged me throughout every class project.

Which of your teachers or mentors inspired you most?

Two mentors that came to mind were my Portuguese teacher Sandra, and my mentor and teacher assistant Liliane. Sandra always pushed me to do my best and had honest and fair communication with her students. Liliane truly cared for every student in that school and we got to develop a friendship we still have today!

What were some of the school projects that inspired you the most?

I truly enjoyed any school project that gave me the freedom to present it in my own way, either that being by video, an activity or even a play. That not only allowed me to use my creativity and various school resources, but made the learning experience more enjoyable as well!

Other projects that helped me acquire important skills for my professional life were the long-term projects and research papers (such as the Year 9 Personal Research Project). Those projects allowed me to dive into a topic of interest and exercise important writing skills for the future.

What opportunities and challenges do you think young professionals face in the world today?

Today’s professionals have to adapt to the new expectation of a “one-man’s job.” New companies are shifting their work environments from hierarchy to cooperation, and set roles are becoming less popular now. As young professionals, we should be open to work beyond our assigned roles and learn new skills within that job. I really enjoy this kind of work experience, it makes it much easier for improvement within areas I enjoy the most and gives me enough space to grow as a professional as well.

What advice do you have for current students that are also pursuing a career in your field of work?

You can do so much with a degree! Education is the best way to achieve what you want, no matter your end goal. While graduating with my Journalism and International Relations degrees, I found how my skills have opened so many doors to different areas and allowed me to explore multiple markets. My main takeaway is, don’t feel pressured to choose between the three popular degrees: medicine, law and engineering. By pursuing your passion, you will be much more successful and happier than by choosing something just for the looks of it.

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